This is the backstory of fictional character Tyler Rowan in the novel (unpublished) “Kill Words” by Clare Graith. Find out more about Clare at ClareGraith.com

Tyler Rowan is twenty-two at the start of this blog. He left his home state of Tennessee at age eighteen following a job in Cincinnati Ohio, with a builder as an apprentice. He was doing okay, putting some cash aside, living simply with dreams of going to college and becoming an architect. All that blew away like dead leaves in a fall wind when he was fired for a safety violation.

Tyler is a strong supporting character in the novel “Kill Words” about how he inadvertently gets main character Maisey stuck with him in a crime organization that uses blogs to set-up murders for hire.

This blog began with the idea of including a word puzzle in each post: three words that are related but are not synonyms. They can easily make a logical sentence with the addition of minor words. The first five posts include these puzzles however this feature is no longer included.

Instead there are posts:

  • A Day in the Life of Tyler – posts similar to journal entries
  • Tyler’s random thoughts – opinions; observations; commentary
  • Conversations with Tyler – others interacting with Tyler

Welcome to Tyler’s world…