A Day in the Life Roady Series - Tyler Back Home

Red, White, Blue and Green Summer – Roady Series #20

It’s time to stop trying to make sense of things and just deal with what’s right in front of me. Today that’s a busted lawn mower, something I know a little bit about. Not that I ever lived anywhere that had a lawn worth mowing, but I used to mow lawns. If the mower didn’t work, I didn’t get paid so I learned how to fix them and even had a spring tune up gig going for awhile. That ended when one afternoon I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see.
The Aberlys had a huge lawn and they paid me fifty dollars every week in the height of spring. It was good money but not easy. That’s why after the first week, I stopped cutting the lower lawn. It was a small section out back that dropped down the side of a hill and then blended into woods. The only way to even know it was there was to walk to the edge and then see the rock retaining wall and then the grass below. What was the point? I’d have to pull out the push mower and lug it down there. Not worth the sweat and time when no one would know. Mr. Aberly owned five General Motors car dealerships across three counties. His ad campaigns were cheesy with a woman named Daisy marching across the parking lots carrying a flag and waving her hand at the huge inventory of American made cars. Each dealership had a giant American flag flying but the biggest one was at the house. Had to be larger than fifty by eighty feet. The sound of it whipping back and forth in a good wind was fierce. Funny thing was, the lawn mower was a Honda. You’d think he would have a John Deere. He said it’s because he didn’t like the color green. But he sure liked a green lawn, especially a thick one, hidden away and begging to be rolled around in. I found that out the hard way. After a few weeks of skipping that lower lawn, I started to feel bad. What was I saving, ten minutes maybe? I was already sweating bullets, with the July sun beating down my neck. The good thing was that section was half shaded. The idea of laying down on the cool, long green carpet suddenly appealed to me as much as a tall glass of iced lemonade. I pulled the mower to the edge and started lowering it until sounds came to my ears that made me freeze. I looked over the mower and there was Mr. Aberly and a woman who definitely was not the Mrs and looked strikingly like Daisy from the car commercials. I choked back a startled cry. They were too hot and steamy to notice the red metal monster with its blades exposed, hanging in the air or my arms shaking as I held it midway down the wall. I summoned all my He-man strength. I was not going to loose this battle against gravity. I started to pull it back up but then, my sneakers slid as the rock beneath them knocked loose. I and the mower tumbled down. I managed to throw the mower away from the bodies but there were still screams, wild curses and hands touching things my seventeen year old self had not planned to feel at just that moment. I broke my wrist. Daisy had a big scratch going down the side of her face and she couldn’t stop screaming which of course got the dog barking and you can imagine, it went downhill from there. The outcome? I never went back to lawn mowing, there was a divorce, the Mrs. got the house and Mr. Aberly got the flag. I’m sure he had many a patriotic night sleeping under that flag.

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