Freeze Frame – Roady Series- Episode #35

Brain freeze, not the kind when something super cold is slurped down too fast and there’s that excruciating quick pain. I’m talking about the freeze that happens because your brain knows you are facing imminent, life threatening pain.
“What are you guys doing here?” I asked.
“Come to talk to you.”
I took a step back, looking around for anything I could use as a weapon. But damn if I didn’t just put every tool, scrap of wood, even the mop away.
“Talk to me? What about?”
“How about how much you’re going to wish you never came back to town?”
I reached into my pocket for my phone but who was I going to call?
“I have my regrets,” I said. There was a back door. I could run. No way could I take on three brothers bent on defending the family honor which I was sure that was what this was about.
“I have mine too. Should have beat the shit out of you when you were in high school but Lindy said you were going to marry her.” He laughed. So did Zach and Casey. “But you left town didn’t you?” He was inching closer and I was inching back trying to gauge if I made it out back, could I out run them.
“And she married a decent guy with a real job, not someone working under the table like an ex-con.”
“I’m only here temporarily,” I said.
“Not temporary enough. We’d like to see you leave a little sooner. Maybe in a casket.”
“No reason to threaten me.”
“No reason, huh? How about stringing my sister along, breaking up her family, making my mama cry?” His face turns red. He’s talking himself into a fury. “Does my mama deserve to have that much pain in her life?”
I’ve got to make my move but Zach is moving toward my left and Casey toward my right.
“When I told her it was you causing all the trouble, you should have heard what she called you. I can’t even repeat it. Said she knew you were pure trash first time she saw you looking at her daughter, our sister. Mama is right,” Brent said between clenched teeth. “You’re nothing but trash and time to throw you out.”
I didn’t see it coming which is surprising since I knew where Zach was in my peripheral vision. His punch hits the side of my face and I’m already seeing stars. I felt the first kick right under the knee cap, the punch in my kidneys that left me breathless. After that I drift in a strange fog of the sensation of blows but I don’t feel pain. It’s the ultimate brain freeze. Maybe this is what happens right before you die.

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