Fate and Friends -Roady Series Episode #37

Sometimes it’s good to stop and ask yourself, “how did I get to this place?”
Laying in a hospital bed, punctured lung, bruised kidney, cracked ribs, stitches at my scalp, chin, over my eye, I have too much time to mull over that question.
How do I keep ending up in trouble? Why do things always go the direction of bad?
I can only come up with one answer and it isn’t that I’m stupid.
I must have a curse on me. Not that someone has a voodoo doll somewhere poking at me or some New Age witch has waved his hand and doomed me, I mean plain and simple my path is mapped out for pain and suffering. Is that possible? Do some people just not have access to happiness?
Pain is like a lancet draining away blood, drop by drop stealing life. It’s a heavy weight pushing down on dreams or even the joy of dreaming. Meds are going into my veins but not enough to help take it away and too much as I could easily trade one monster for another. Yes, it worries me. Too much time to think. But there’s Linda standing at the foot of my bed.

“Tyler, I’m so sorry,” Linda says. “If I thought for a minute my brothers would do this…” She starts crying.
I don’t need her tears. Not one drop of sorrow from her is solace.
“Leave this room,” I say in my weary, scratchy voice. I close my eyes to the sight of her.
“This is so terrible.” She sobs. “I told them that you had nothing to do with Jake and I having troubles. But they…”
The pain meds have worn off again and every word from Linda’s mouth is a needle into my brain.
“Get out!” I hear a stronger, firmer voice. Anne. Like an avenging angel, in full battle regalia, she faces Linda and says no other words.
Linda gives me one tearful look, touches the edge of my blanket, then leaves the room her head hanging.
Anne comes to my side. She takes my hand and smiles.
How could I ever think I was cursed?

This post is fiction based on a character in a novel by Clare Graith. Read the full Roady Series and find out how Tyler got to this place. Choose “Roady Series” in categories. Read more of Clare’s writing by visiting ClareGraith.com.

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