A Dog’s Life – Roady Series Episode #40

Keep moving. That’s what the doctor said. I’m not eligible for extended rehab so it’s up to me to get up and get going. Roady likes the idea. I walk him up the road a ways down the long drive that stretches to the Miller’s old farmhouse. It looks abandoned but Mom says Mrs.Miller still lives there.

We walk past dry fields of soybeans. The plants are dead and yet this means they’re ready for harvest. Dead means life to something else.
“That’s the way the world goes round isn’t it?” I say to Roady.
He looks up at me then gives a soft gruff. I’m not sure he agrees but he takes a bite of one of the plants and chomps on the beans.
“I mean life is all about dying.”
Roady pulls away yanking the leash right out of my hand. He jumps in front of me throwing the straggling bits of soy plant in the air. I laugh and try to take a step forward but he challenges me again. I pick up the plant and toss it. Roady follows it through the air and pounces on it like it is a prized beef bone.
When I reach for it, he picks it up so fast then races in a circle around my legs.
“You nutty dog,” I say. He comes around again and jumps up against my chest pressing on the spot where stitches used to be. The pain takes my breath away but I can’t be mad.
“I get it,” I say. “Life isn’t about dying, it’s about playing and maybe good food.”
Roady barks loud and strong, a sure vote of “yes”.

Read the full Roady Series from the beginning by choosing it in categories. Entylerywords is all fiction based on a character in a novel by Clare Graith. Read more of Clare’s writing at CGExpress.

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