Zomby In the Window – Roady Series Episode #41

Cute scruffy dog face with big nose

I didn’t expect anyone to be home. The first floor of the old farmhouse was nearly hidden by overgrown bushes and weed trees. Roady shot through the natural barrier. I wasn’t planning on trespassing but he paced on the weather beaten porch like we had an appointment or something to sell.
“Roady, come here boy.”
But he would have none of it. I bent under overhanging bushes and moved a fallen branch from the front path to get to him. “Roady,” I said with my strongest authoritative voice. He jumped up on the glass of the front door, his claws clicking on the pane. I walked across the sagging porch, reached for his collar and pulled him back. When I looked up, there was a face in the glass. I cried out startled. It was like a ‘day of the dead’ movie with a zombie ready to eat my brains.
She was old, with white wispy hair pulled back with bobby pins. She wore a faded flowered house dress with a loose grey sweater. Her face was blank. Her eyes foggy. I really had to wonder, was she alive?
“Very sorry,” I said to the image in the dusty glass.
It was an old door, the wood darkened with age and the glass thick and beveled at the edges. They don’t make them like that anymore, able to endure a century of weather and use. At least not for the average house. I know. The doors we installed on the new houses were fiberglass, ‘insulated’ with double panes that were “guaranteed for life”. Whose life? A question no one asked.
When Mrs. Miller reached out and turned the deadbolt lock, I knew I was in trouble.
The smile that spread across her face when she opened the door sealed the deal.

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