Coffee Fix

Once I begged for a cup of coffee. I had just two dollars and twenty cents to my name. I knew hunger was on the way in just a few hours. How much can two dollars and change buy? Not a lot especially if the stores in walking distance don’t include a dollar store. It was the middle of the summer. No holiday food charities going on. The closest place to go was McDonalds.

Walking into that place with the air redolent with a hundred different meals, I almost passed out from the thought of it. Ironically on the counter there was a plastic box with lollipops in it. Free for anyone who donated to the “Feed America” association. I considered giving up a quarter to have the quick energy but then I wouldn’t have enough for the dollar menu. My choices; a cheeseburger, fries, four chicken nuggets, a small soda.  I opted for nuggets and a burger. Was this a good meal? No, it was pure junk food; nutritional value minimal but the bun, breading on the nuggets and protein would hopefully take the empty feeling away for a little while.

Nothing to drink though and damn if I didn’t crave a cup of coffee. I watched an old man carrying a bag to the trash in his hand a hot cup that sloshed coffee right out of it. He was about to toss it when I was overcome with desperation.

            “Can I have that?” I asked. He looked up at me with his foggy eyes. He put his hand up, went to the counter, and asked for a fresh cup, free senior refill. He grabbed creamers and sugar and handed it to me. It’s on my list of one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.

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Puddle Jumper

One thing I hate is not knowing how to do something. The first time I was on a build job I was so green I didn’t know the difference between a joist and a stud. It was rough. They used me as a mule to haul things around. I hate the feeling of ignorance but at the same time every moment I learned something new. It’s like that sometimes. You have to be okay with being the dumb one. The person who stands there until someone tells you what to do. Reminds me of a bull frog I came upon once. Big, fat, out of its place in the middle of the road, just sitting there. Damn if a truck wasn’t coming down the street and I had to decide in a split second, save that sucker or watch is get crushed. I couldn’t stand the thought of how it would sound smashing against the tires, so like a dope, I risked my life, ran out to scoop it up and don’t you know he took one giant leap and was out of harms way. Meanwhile I had to throw myself into the grass, the truck driver blasted his horn calling me a few choice names. I almost died. Where that frog came from, where it went, I don’t know but there were two more lanes of traffic on the other side of the median. I didn’t watch to see if it made it across to a pond or puddle. Learned my lesson that day. Don’t ask why the chicken Or the frog or anything else crossed the street just make sure you’re not around when it does.

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