Doggy Comfort – Roady Series #36

A shot rang out. Even in my semi-conscious state, I’m sure I heard it. There’s nothing like bullets to level the playing field.
“He’s got a gun,” I hear.
“And I’m aiming at your sorry ass. Now get the hell out of here before I call your uncle Pete over here and make him do his job for a change.”
Stan. There’s a loud scrambling and the sound of the car engine revving.
The blows have stopped but the pain has only started.
“Shit,” Stan said. “They damn near killed you.”
That’s the last thing I heard.

A cold trickle of water down my neck makes me open my eyes.
On the couch. It hurts to breath. It hurts to think. I won’t even try to move. I feel a warm lick on my hand. There’s Roady. I can’t see him, somethings wrong with my eyes, but he lets me know he’s there. It’s comfort worth a thousand words from a person.

I hear murmuring, no not murmuring. Mom is arguing with Stan saying he should take me to the hospital.
“He doesn’t have insurance. They’ll make me pay.”
“They won’t!” She yells back. “He’s an adult. He’s going to die for God’s sake. I’m calling 911.”
“Calm down!” Stan yelled. “He would have been dead already if that were true. Just let him lie still. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.”
I’m not sure there will be a tomorrow for me. The shooting pains I’m feeling make me tired, weak, not sure if I can keep breathing. Suddenly, I feel like I’m choking. I involuntarily cough which sends stars before my eyes and the taste of blood on my lips.
“Stan look!” my mother cried. “He’s coughing up blood.”
The boys are crying. “Go ahead,” Stan says. “Call.”
Hospitals are my nemesis. If not for my mother needing to be in the hospital, I wouldn’t be here, in a hospital. The only good thing about my near death experience is my most faithful visitor, Anne.
I nearly jump out of my skin when instead of Anne, Linda walks into the room.

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