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Get the Story Straight – Roady Series Episode #28

There are times when it might be better to quit on a day, just turn in and sleep until the sun comes up again. That’s what I should’ve done after I got my car back. Instead, I let my growling stomach take me to the back corner table at Steak N Shake.

Anne slides into the booth as soon as she puts in my order.
“You didn’t go to work today?” She asks.
I tell her the car story but she’s not buying it any more than anyone I’ve tried it on. Next person who asks, I’ll tell the truth straight up. Anne looks at me like she’s trying to decide if she should push for more information. I feel like she’s peeling back my skull and peering right into my brain.
“Look, I was out drinking last night. It was dumb. I’ve got a hangover.”
She mines my brain a little more. What is she thinking? I need to know. I can’t stand the wordless inquisition. “I’m a loser, Anne. Not the kind of person you want to be with. I don’t know why you’re interested in me anyway.”
Her face turns red, a message I don’t need words to understand. “Tyler Rowan how can you be so stupid?”
“I said it was dumb. It’s the first time in almost a year.”
“Interested in you? Is that what you think? Like you’re some kind of flavor of ice cream?”
My mouth drops open. “What?”
“Do you know what that sounds like? As if I go around kissing anyone because I’m interested in finding out what it’s like?”
“I…but…I meant that…”
“I know what you meant. This is nothing to you. We’re nothing. Just a flash in the pan to see how bright it gets.”
“No, Anne. Did you hear me? I got drunk. What is someone like you doing with me?”
“So, now I’m with you?” She stands up. “No I’m not. You’re right. Don’t come back here, okay?”
She doesn’t even give me a chance to answer before she’s gone into the back room.
This day is lining up to be one of the worst and it isn’t over. I get my order to go, stuff the egg sandwich into my mouth, then wash down some home fries with lukewarm coffee and call it breakfast at noon. At least I don’t feel like throwing up anymore. I make my way back to the house, park in my usual spot and stretch out to sleep with Roady happily squished at my side. I’m not ten minutes into closing out the day early, a fine plan on this ugly day when Liam hangs his head over the open window.
“Why you sleeping instead of working?”
“Why did you skip school today?”
He looks away. “It was Junior’s fault.”
“Well you skipped work.”
Time to come clean. “I drank too much last night.”
Liam’s head shoots up. “What? You don’t drink.”
“I did and I’m sorry I did it.”
“I hate you,” Liam yells then runs away.
Maybe I should have told the car story one more time.

Read from Episode 1 by choosing “Roady Series” category. Tyler is a fictional character by Clare Graith. See for more information about the author.

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Interlude – Hungry Lions; Roady Series Episode 19

What do you do when an avalanche of thoughts pours down over you? It leaks out of my eyes but I don’t brush a single tear away. They will go away. I will not give in to the emotions trying to wrangle me.
I am a man who has escaped the jaws of a lion; the same beast that grabbed my father and threw him down. But did I escape? Accidents happen, shit happens, that’s what everyone says, like it’s nothing. Nothing if it isn’t you at the head of the ‘blame line’. But then no, my dad wasn’t to blame. Was he? His self torture is now streaming into mine but I’ve come to a place where my guilt doesn’t hold me captive and I dare say it’s the calm acceptance from a dog. Dad had no Roady, no rescuer, only the bottle.
I picked up that bottle, jumped in it like I could lose myself in its depths. Why was it my first choice? Will it be my first choice next time a crisis hits? Have I learned anything? Is it possible to learn how to outrun a lion? I hear a soft whimper and see Roady staring up at me.

To understand the context of this post read Roady Series “Cost of Lost” Episode 18. Binge READ Episodes 1- 18 by choosing the category- “Roady Series” – Find it in the drop down “menu” at the header of this blog.
This post is fiction based on the back story of a supporting character in a novel in process by Clare Graith. See for more info about the author.