A Day in the Life Roady Series - Tyler Back Home

The Dog Wins the Helper Award – Roady Episode 21

I’ve got two pairs of eyes watching me. One of them has a mouth that doesn’t shut up. The other cocks his head and wags his tail every time I say, ‘yes’ and gives a huff every time I curse. I’m crouched in front of the beat up rusted mower in a dirt patch in front of the aluminum shed.
“Why are you draining all the gas?” Junior asks.
“It’s no good. That’s why the mower is smoking.”
“Why do you have to cut the grass anyway? I like it long. Roady likes it long.” The dog barks in agreement. I ignore the question and start funneling in fresh gas.
“We found a snake yesterday. I put it in Liam’s backpack and he screamed like a girl. Would have brought it to school if Roady hadn’t sniffed it out. Roady was gonna eat it but Liam screamed and the snake got away.”
I take off the cover to get to the air filter. It’s green and nasty. Never changed I’m sure. I toss it to the side . Roady goes after but then rejects the find. Liam comes down the driveway, sees us and starts coming our way.
“Can I help?”
“We don’t need your help,” Junior says.
I don’t need anyone’s help. “Yes,” I say to Liam. “Can you go in my car and get the bag from the front seat?”
Liam nods and dashes off like he’s on a mission to save the world.
“I’ll get it,” Junior says taking off but though Liam is smaller, he’s an agile runner. Junior with all his height and bulk, can’t catch up to him. They fight over who will carry the bag to me until it’s split open and the packaged filter drops out. Roady is right there to retrieve it and bring it to me. All I need is the dog. I see Junior kick Liam out of the corner of my eye. Liam runs off crying. Junior comes back over to me.
“He’s such a baby.”
“Why’d you kick your brother?”
“Cause he made me mad.”
I stand up in front of Junior, who is just about five feet.
“You make me mad when you kicked Liam. Should I kick you then?”
“Hell no,” he says backing up.
“Think about that Junior.”
He kicks the lawn mower then walks away.