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After Roady’s Accident

Hope is not lost,

But it must be found,

Hunted down in the midst of places,

I don’t want to be,

Surrounded by iterations of myself,

What is it they say?

“It’s just me, myself and I,”

And a trail of sprung traps.

I could freeze,

And not take another step,

Stand my ground against misfortune.

No, not really.

I could medicate, inebriate my brain,

Check out,

But then there’s life,

Between the jaws of trouble,

There’s love, however wounding it can be,

There’s moments,


When I reach out and touch,

And am touched,

A sensation that powers,

me for the journey.

And I know,

Yes, I have caught it in my grasp,

I won’t let go.