A Day in the Life Roady Series - Tyler Back Home

She Found Me – Roady Series Episode 23

I hate grocery shopping. Hate it. How did my Friday nights become a junior episode of supermarket sweep? It’s better than having all the boys hanging on the cart begging me to buy pop and chips though. I send the two oldest off together with a small list. I know they’ll probably horse around and be a pain in the ass for a store employee but I’m okay with that. The store person is getting paid and I’m getting the shopping done faster. Home base is the cereal aisle. I finish my list and keep Clinton and JJ busy looking at all the cereal boxes. Great plan!
Great until Junior comes back without Liam.
“I don’t know where he is. He was supposed to get his half of the list.” He dumps two cans of tomato sauce and two boxes of spaghetti along with a bag of Twizzlers. I take the candy out and put it on the shelf next to oatmeal.
“Which aisle did you leave him in?”
“Don’t remember.” His voice cracks with challenge.
“Go and find him.”
“Not gonna.”
“You will or you’re walking home.”
“What? I can’t walk home. It’s miles.”
JJ and Clinton are looking between us, eyes wide open. Clinton does not look worried. There’s a little curl of his lip like he’s about to laugh. I’m not sure I like that he is relishing his brother’s impending punishment.
I point. “Go!”
“I’m telling dad you were going to leave me at the store.”
I’m just about to say I don’t give a damn when at the end of the aisle, there’s Liam red faced but not crying. Anne is right behind him.
“Look who I found,” Anne says.
I can’t think of a single word to say.
“Liam,” I manage to sputter out. Liam comes over to the cart and places each of his items inside one by one.
Anne comes closer and says to me, “I was talking about you.”
Again I am tongue tied.
“Where have you been?”
“You don’t eat breakfast anymore? No one gets seated at your table you know.”
“I thought we stopped that.”
“I can’t take break every morning but that doesn’t mean you can’t come!”
“Well I thought you didn’t…” I’m not even sure where I’m going with this. Why am I such an idiot around her?
“Didn’t what?”
My mouth hangs open. “I mean….it’s just that…you have things going on…”
“Tyler Rowen, What is that matter with you? Give me your phone.”
I hand over my phone like my arm is programmed to her voice command. She types away. I hear a bell go off. She hands back my phone and takes out hers. “You have my number now. Call me some time, okay?”
She gives me the brightest smile in the universe.
“Okay.” Then she’s gone and I’m left with Liam and Junior yanking the cart in all directions until it crashes into a display of Minion fruit chews. JJ and Clinton start picking up the fallen boxes and putting them in the cart. I don’t care. I stare at my phone that now has Anne Mason as a contact. I think I might change my mind about what I think about grocery shopping.