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Get a Job – Flash Fiction on still being homeless.

Not everyone gets it. Why I’m still in a car. It’s been three cold months, since I lost my job. Shouldn’t I have been able to get work by now? Shouldn’t I? Maybe if I was you, but I’m me and me doesn’t know how to get back in the game. I had a plan. I worked hard to be part of the team, to learn. I was on my way. Twice I was tripped up by another guy who said I was white trash, shouldn’t be around the rest of them, skilled workers, tradesmen. I’m a man. I was learning a trade. Why can’t I be here? Leave me alone to pull myself up from my bootstraps. I’m not asking for a thing from you. Just let me keep the place I’ve won by hard work and proving I have it in me. But it doesn’t happen like that for guys like me, does it? Once down, always down. Why even lift my head and try again? Third time was my fault. Should know better then to drink until I couldn’t stand. That was Dad’s way, Mom with her pills, not my way. Should have known better then to show up to work next morning. Would have been better to go missing a day. Almost killed Dan and he is a decent person. If it had been Jarrod, different story. I might not be so depressed if I gave him the fright of his life and lost my job over it. So here I am. I should try harder, consider flipping burgers rather than beg for one at the end of the shift when I know they’ll toss them anyway. I’ll figure it out, just not today.